Sunday, 25 November 2012

Of 3 Days Before

My graduation robe

3 days before my LL.B graduation day, InsyaAllah. Patutnya esok on leave but still have to go to the office. It's okay. Hehe!

It feels weird when not long time ago, Shah Alam was like a home for me yet I kept wanting & yearning to go back to K.Bharu. I put all the blame on the overloaded homesickness & mountain-high LL.B workloads for giving me a love-hate relationship with the Anggerik city. Now, visiting my alma mater is like going to a place full of memories of 4 years. Some things are worth keeping intact in my mind while some, well let us take that as unpleasant chapters of life. Hopefully, the familiarity within UiTM will still make me feel at home in a good way 

Still haven't packed any garment yet walhal esok pagi kena pergi office & lepas tu direct to the airport. Badan rasa panas sejuk, kepala rasa berat, tekak pun rasa pedih; ini ialah tanda-tanda yang tidak bagus. Huhu! Btw, jemputlah datang konvo saya 28 Nov ni, sesi pagi. You don't have to bring chocolates or flowers, just come, smile & pose in front of the camera. That will be more than enough :) 

May Allah make everything easy for  these 5 days of kembara; urusan pergi & balik, konvo, kesihatan etc. Amin... Take care, love. Assalamualaikum
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