Friday, 23 November 2012

Of Minggu Ini & Minggu-minggu Lepas

It was a busy week for me; meeting the State Bar Committee for the Courtesy call {yeee, saya baru nak short call sebab lambat serve Form 3,4,5. Hihi!}, filling forms & sending them to Bar Council, kerja-kerja di office etc

Thus, I'm so glad that today is Friday! Alhamdulillah. And I'm pretty sure my bed is happy too. Ke ini hanyalah one sided love sahaja? 

Anyway, terimalah gambar random sepanjang minggu ini & minggu-minggu lepas

 5.11.2012 - Feeling-feeling jadi pelukis pelan bangunan walhal case on land valuation

 7.11.2012 - So, you think being a lawyer is all about arguing with each other. Nope, we still have time to chat, gossip, share jokes & pose in the court while waiting for Yang Arif . Hehe!

Meet my cam-whore partner, the Sister!

Btw, this picture was taken at the traffic light because we're pro like that *flips tudung, blows nails*

22.11.2012 - With the sisters from UIA. Yayyy, makin ramai kawan chambering! :D

The girl third from left is a friend I know at kelas tusyen when we were in Form 4. It's like a jejak kasih except that awal-awal tu I forgot her name walhal dulu masa lunch break sokmo jah lunch dengan dia. My bad -.-'

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