Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Of My Second Convocation

I'll be having my Bachelor of Law {LL.B (Hons)} graduation on this coming 28 Nov & honestly, I don't feel excited about it. Perhaps, not yet. Or maybe I've matured a bit {nyahahaha!} or probably because it will be my second graduation after Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons) October last year, thus making everything less exciting

Banyak kerja di firm lately. Di harap jejerawat tidak akan membuat apa-apa penampilan kelak pada hari tersebut

Law & Engineering can't really be together, huh?

Of course, my parents, the Mother especially are excited to attend but since it's the end of the year,the Sister & BIL's cuti dibekukan maka we decided that it's best that I'll be attending alone. Tickets have been booked, so I'll be away from 26 Nov till 1 Dec. Rasa macam more to pergi bercuti instead of graduation. You know, with all that "Hey, see you during convocations!", meeting up friends, makan-makan & all

I just hope I won't cry & be sappy in the hall during & after the ceremony especially after seeing my other friends happy, being hugged, kissed & getting flowers from their parents/relative/husband/bf/teman tapi mesra etc. Hopefully, my macho-ness will prevail that day :))

And I just realized that even after almost a year, I haven't properly blogged about my first convocation ceremony. Tertinggal external hard disk at the office, so kita upload la mana yang ada. So, here goes!

 I remember waving so excitedly at my parents when I entered the hall. It still surprised me that I still managed to spot them despite in a sea of people :) 

Perarakan masuk Pro chancellor

Perarakan masuk lecturers from both faculties; Health Science & Law

Studying separa pengsan for this piece of paper but all worth it! Alhamdulillah

With the ladies of the house

 Ma famille

Me & the S sized robe. For LL.B convocation, dapat size M. Saddddd sebab besar, yang size S pun kena alter the lenght, ini kan pula size M :'(

Since I couldn't attend on the robe collection day, I asked my old friend, Faiz to collect it on behalf of me. Dia cakap dia dah minta tukar to size S but habis. Sigh! Tak ape la, at least ada kawan yang sudi tolong queue amikkan the robe & post it to me

Before that, pening kepala fikir dengan siapakah mek harus meminta pertolongan since my other LL.B friends mesti busy dengan chambering & tak ada masa nak postkan robe tu. Tqvm to Faiz {though I know he doesn't read my blog. Lol!} for his help despite being busy with his thesis. Budi baik beliau, hanya Allah mampu membalasnya. In sya Allah :)

Me & nice Pipah

With some of my LL.B classmates

The day after the convocation, we had our first Advanced Criminal Procedure I test where there were only 5 people in my class passed. I only got 45% but that was enough to make me happy considering the amount of study hours I spent for it. Beriya bawak masuk notes dalam hall, kununnya nak study a bit la  masa tunggu turn tu tapi banyak masa spent on taking pictures semata-mata :))

Andddd, after the test, 70% of my LL.B batchmates had flu! Ramai sangat orang dapat mc & absent from classes. Mek tak terkecuali . Penat dengan convo & test

Btw, baju convo tak ada lagi though handbag dah ada. Might as well recycle je la any baju yang ada kan? See the less excited me? Maybe I should just blame the sized M robe *cries in the pillow*

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