Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Eating Candies Like A Mok Wo

Me & my Sister were at Tesco a few weeks ago shopping for groceries. Then I saw something that apparently has changed my life forever

The colourful little things that melt in your mouth not on hand aka the happy pills

My love for chocolate & cookies is profound. I love them too much that I always keep them in my bag & even bedroom because my appetite is unpredictable {just like its tuan? Bahaha} like that. But that packet of M&M's Almond, oh my Allah, how can you say no to that flirty blue & orange creatures on the packet, seolah-olah berkata "Hey there ladies!" *in strong British accent*

I quickly grabbed a packet, feeling so happy & excited like a school girl on her first school trip to the zoo. My Sister on the other hand was trying to kill my chocolate-y mode;

Sister: Hey! You know to burn the calory in one of that bersamaan dengan lari satu *padey?
Me: Whateverrrr! *mata bersinar-sinar kegembiraan*

*Padey = padang

I was so excited & obviously ignored my Sister's advice. My mode even lifted 60% happier & even promised her that I would pay for it which I managed to escape later at the counter. Bahahaha! Ala, RM10 plus je pong. An adik bongsu has got to do what an adik bongsu must do & I think, I'm getting better at this *blows nails & waves at the Sister*

Since that day, my love towards M&M's is getting stronger. I brought the packet to the office, munched them while doing work or whenever I felt like. A 60g packet of M&M's Almond lasted for about a week because I was so sayang to eat them all at one ngap

Bagai pucuk di cita ulam mendatang, my Sister had a meeting in Langkawi last week & of course I didn't want anything else {beside sotong kering bakar & Kisses} but M&M's. Told my Sister again that I would pay for them but I think she's known me too well already. Hehehe!

How should I declare my love to you?!!!!

The packet is even bigger than the one I bought at Tesco which means more exits to my mouth :)) I transferred into a bekas Tupperware & yes, bought it everyday to the office except when I had to go to court. Haih! I'm so ashamed like that. My Sister laughed at me at first & told me that I'm like a nenek or 'mok wo' in loghat Kelate bawak bekal sirih dalam bag

But now, when she comes & picks me at the office after the office hours, her words that greet me; "Mano bekah kandih? *grabs some, munchs & drives*

Undoubtedly, M&M's love is contagious ladies & gentlemen

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