Thursday, 27 December 2012

Of Bidding Farewell & Saying Hello

 My new bed lamp {because my previous one goes cuckoo. I blame nobody but my ganas hand. Sigh!}.
Miss Rambu-ramba is her name

I went to see my Master in her room this morning to show her the letter that I wrote earlier. Out of anything in this world, she greeted me with this punching line;

"Why is it always good looking man not straight?" 
*with a straight face & eyes on the laptop screen*


Apparently, she was reading some entertainment stories online on who should be the lead actor for 50 Shades of Grey. Yup yup, my Master is that hip, alright? And no no, I haven't read the book yet. Not that I even had intention to do so. Ahem

On the related note, our staff, Na just received an offer to further studies at CIAST this Jan, so today is the last day she comes to work. I'm going to write another post entirely about her soon {if internet at home stops being a polar bear hibernating itself like nobody's business. Pfttt!} & I'll be missing her so much, that's for sure :'(

Andddddd, I'll be attending a majlis bertandang of my ex-roommate at Penang Matriculation College, Dr Ain this evening! We haven't met since the end of matriculation days where we then departed to different paths {her path was brighter than mine obviously. She went to Trisakti Uni, Indonesia to study medicine. My roommate is smart, no doubt} & I was quite surprised when she whassap-ed me a few weeks ago telling me that she's going to marry a guy from K.Bharu. Lagi surprise when I learned that the guy lives like 5 minutes from my house! The girl is from Selangor while the guy is from Kelantan & they met at Indonesia; this is what we call as jodoh. Alhamdulillah!

What a colourful Thursday; bidding Na farewell & welcoming Ain to K.Bharu

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