Sunday, 23 December 2012

Of Rainy Rainy Days & Scrabble

It's been raining for dayssss in K.Bharu, so the internet at home decided that it's best if it could hibernate for a while. Of course it made the decision without consulting any of us first. Stubborn & cheeky, you little blue thing!

Anyway, I did what a modern cavewoman would do yakni watching movies in my room under the blanket like there's no tomorrow. It annoyed my Mother so much that she gave me a nickname, 'Mek Bilik' but tell me what else I should do when the skies can't stop pouring down the rain. I know I was named after the Sun but me & rainy days, we're like a pair made in Heaven. If you know what I mean. Muahehe!

Btw, an intellectual game to kill the time I played with my blogger friend, Ihsan Huhu Dudu since I can't play outside. I mean, I'm at the office now & of course I can't go outside to play ayte?

Since the internet speed during rainy days is ridiculous {not for him, for sure}, we had to update each other every time we're done. A long distance online game at its best

Me = Gaza
Ihsan = Fake deer head toy


Well, of course you can tell who's going to win. In my defense, I'm at the office & I'm busy, so I can't concentrate enough. He's busy too, i.e busy enjoying eating mempelam at Brisbane. Whatever! *rolls eyes*
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