Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Resolusi Sihat Saya

 I'm large {because the word 'fat' is very sensitive, kids. Shhhhhh!} & have dark circle around my eyes, but I'm still cute & I'm okayyy!

Had a dinner with the girlfriends a few days ago. Dayah came & fetched me at the office {and she got grumpy for the next 10 mins because I gave her the wrong direction. Bahahaha!} before we picked up Asha at KB Mall. Went to Chim Chum Food Village for dinner & Baei joined us soon after. We were classmates from Form 1 till Form 3 & Form 5. So, it was like a mouthful dinner where everybody just couldn't stop talking

Anyway, when Asha first got into Dayah's car, the first few words she said to me were;

Asha: Sue, banyak sangat ke baca buku? Dah ada wrinkles!
Saya: Iye? Hehehehe! *in denial*

A few seconds later ...

Saya: Iye keeeeeeee?!!! *panik & terus cari cermin*

Sighhhh! Ingatkan ada masalah eye bags je, now wrinkles pun dah mahu menjelma ke? :(( Maka, mulai dari hari tu, I made a resolution to eat healthy, exercise more & go to bed early at night. I don't believe in make-up to boost my confidence & conceal my flaw, {because I'm a cheapskate & have a sensitive skin. That's why} but my ultimate goal is to be & look healthy. Bila sihat, InsyaAllah semuanya akan okay! 

Esok, Kakak & I will be going to Taman Tengku Anis to jog! Yayyy! Hopefully, jumpalah sport shoes before pergi office esok. Sejak beli in October 2011, baru pakai 2 kali. Semoga resolusi ini bukan hangat-hangat tahi ayam semata-mata

Off to bed, people! Or perhaps, after I read a few pages of the novel I recently bought while munching M&M Almond

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