Saturday, 19 January 2013

Happy Birthday, Dear 22 You

I wish I could have more time to write a post on everyone's birthday but I'm only human, so please forgive me dear friends & family. It's the thoughts that count most alright?

Anyhow, happy birthday to the former staff of our office, Noliyana who is celebrating her 22nd birthday today! Oh my Allah, baru 22! So muda belia! I couldn't recall what I was when I was 22 but there was nothing to be proud of, perhaps? Juggling between classes at Law School & self created dilemmas, it's safe to say that there was nothing extraordinary happened back then. Lols!

 Yours truly & the birthday girl

I wish Na is here in K.Bharu, coming to the office from Sunday - Thursday from 8 am - 5 pm as usual. But she's now attending courses at CIAST, Shah Alam for 3 months, leaving me in the office broken-hearted. Sobs! Tapi demi masa depanmu yang cerah, InsyaAllah, kami merelakan dikau pergi. Nanti dapat kerja & kerja dengan government, janganlah melupakan kami pekerja-pekerja sektor swasta di sini!

To Na, 
Happy Birthday to you yang nun jauh di mata tapi tetap dekat di hati & ofis. I wish you're here, so that esok kita boleh celebrate di ofis sambil minum milo suam di pantry like we always did for the 3 previous months. Sobs!

I pray may Allah make everything easy for you, selamat dunia & akhirat & always in His blessing. Amin & InsyaAllah. Have fun on your birthday & take careeeeeeeee! Me love you!

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