Saturday, 16 March 2013

Ethics Course March 2013 (Part 1)

Assalamualaikum & happy Saturday, brother & sisters! How are you today?

I always had a mixed feeling whenever I was in KL. Born & spent my first 17 years in Kelantan, KL is definitely not the city I'm very familiar with. Even when I studied in S.Alam for 4 years, I rarely set my feet on its soil. Thus, it's very safe to say that it's definitely not my playground & I'm not shy to admit that I'm still pretty much a kampung girl for that matter :)

But I guess, there's something about KL that makes me feel a bit attached. Like, seeing some landmarks, buildings or places that will remind me to certain events or someone

 Near yet far; what twisted feeling it is

Mukadimmah je tu baru. Nyahaha!

So, regarding the Bar Council Ethics & Professional Standards Course that I attended last Wednesday, I'm going to divide it to a few fractions supaya memudahkan rujukan in the future

1) The Hotel
We stayed in at A One Hotel, Medan Pasar, KL

Honestly, we didn't expect much in the beginning, considering the fact that it's a budget hotel but oh boy, we were so wrong. Situated only a minute walk from the Bar Council building & 300 metres from Central Market, Dataran Merdeka & Stesen Komuter Masjid Jamek; everything you need is just nearby. The hotel room is clean, very friendly & helpful staff & most importantly, murah & free wifi. I read a lot of good reviews from the tourists which is a good thing

It's highly recommended to everyone except to those who can't tolerate with small rooms la. Hehe!

The rooftop view. Can you see the Bar Council building cross the street?

2. The Ethics Course
The Ethics & Professional Standards Course is a must for every chambering student/pupil before being called to the Bar, regardless you graduated LL.B from local uni or overseas. It consisted of 6 lecture series delivered by some prominent lawyers. 5 of the topics discussed will be tested during the Ethics exam
  • Role of The Bar & Lawyers in Civil Society
  • Professional Ethics
  • Solicitors Accounts & Undertakings
  • Duty to and in Court - Candour, Decorum & Contempt
  • Duty to Client - Professional Liability, Fiduciary Duty, Risk Management
  • Mediation (non examinable)

 Raja Aziz Addruce Auditorium, after the course

 With some of the UiTM comrades, the rest dah awal-awal balik. Dengan firmmates mase LL.B dulu pun, Yana & Eja tak sempat bergambor -.-' And yes, over sangat mek duduk depan sorang-sorang, like a bawsee!

With Pipahhhh
Since I didn't get to sit for the exam on the next day (14/3) maka I didn't feel anxious like my other friends. Malam after the course tu, tatkala my 2 roommates, Khazan & Kokmie study, mek pula syok tidur sampailahhh pagi. Next month baru kita start gelabah ok? And sila study awal-awal untuk mengelakkan kegelabahan seorang diri nanti

(To be continued)
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