Friday, 8 March 2013

Wearing Hijab With Style

Assalamualaikum & jumma mubarak, brothers & sisters! How are you today?

 Credits to Aishah Amin

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There are hundreds of hijab tutorials you can find on youtube nowadays. I'm not going to lie that I never watched any of them before because well, I did a few times. Hihi! Some are very complicated with a lot of pinssss & flip here & there sampai tercekik leher. But I like this kind of style; simple yet covered

I'm not against them, except yang over gedik-gedik nauu cannot tahan ones but what has been my concern beside the nawaitu per se is how most of hijabis style their hijab to date. Is the guideline in covering aurat strictly followed or more to melawa semata-mata? I may not be in the best position to have my say on this, I know. I mean, look at myself still struggling to improvise myself day by day & it's not an easy task tapi kita cuba berubah ok? :D

And btw, I learned how to wear shawl from my Mother a few years ago. She said that even the young girls in Mekah wear shawl like a champ! Lilit lilit in a few seconds then tadaaa!

 Meet my daughter, people. Her name is Laila :')

Ok, can go muntah now. Lols!

Last but not least, no matter what style you rock your hijab or shawl is, the most important things are;

It covers your chest
Not too nipis that it might expose your neck or chest
Not too mencapub. Like puting a bunga raya on your head or lampu lip lap like a walking Christmas tree. Lols!
No camel hump. Having long hair isn't an excuse right?

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May Allah help us in becoming a better person everyday. Amin... And Happy International Woman's Day to all strong, pretty & awesome human beings with XX chromosomes! Woots!

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