Saturday, 6 April 2013

Fly Fly Awayyy!

Assalamualaikum, people! Happy Saturday!

Last week was such a stressful one for me which eventually has caused me headache, eyebags, M&M addiction (my happy pills!), sleep deprived & a few zits as well. Sigh!

1. It's true when people say having 8 hours of sleep can make you happier. Or appears to be one! :D
2. Waiting for the Judge. Patient is virtue
3. My Master involved in a car accident on Tuesday (03/04/2013) where I was the co-driver. Nothing major though, Alhamdulillah except kemek sikit di pintu penumpang depan & I had to literally squeeze or shriek myself everytime nak masuk & keluar kereta sebab pintu tak boleh buka besar-besar. Lols! Spent almost 3 hours at the police station & there's a high  possibility that I'm going to be her witness for the case. I don't like this part :( Nasib baik tak trauma because when the black Hilux hit our car, memang betul-betul tepi mek je & I could feel the geseran. Ok, more reasons to peram my driving license
4. Feeling devastated, I came home & downloaded Cinderella movie, the classic one. It's not hard to make me happy, you see?

Can't wait for my so-called getaway at KL this Wednesday until Saturday! Yayyy! Dan ini ialah tentatif program. Ala lawatan adik-adik sekolah ke zoo negara gitteww!

Wednesday: Sesi tumpang di rumah Eja at Taman Melati but have to wait for her habis kerja first at 6 pm
Thursday: Ethics exam at the Bar Council + lunch at Selangor Royal Club
Friday: Aktiviti bebas. Mungkin lepak-lepak sahaja di rumah Mija while waiting for her to finish school
Saturday: Mimi's akad nikah at Putrajaya. Finallllllyyyyyyyyy! Yayyy! We're so happy for her! Harap sempat berhoohaa with the bride & other secondary school friends. Kang tak pasal-pasal miss flight, nangis mek di situ

Suria, bila awak nak study secara serious?

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