Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Of Being Bulat-er

Assalamualaikum & happy Tuesday, brothers & sisters! How are you feeling today?

My Sister will fetch me from work everyday. How she greets me when I get into her car depending so much on her mood that day or how late I leave my office. Miahaha!

Orang kerja swasta dengan orang kerja gomen mana lah sama kan? My office hours end at 5 p.m but usually I didn't leave the office until Master left first & it is usually at 5.30 p.m plus

Yesterday, I got into the car as usual. My Sister gave me a serious look & said;

Kakak: Bulat! Muahahaha!
Saya: *gives her a tiada-perasaan look, opens my handbag, takes out a pack of Nachos & munches like nothing ever happened*
Kakak: Nak!

Like, if I decided to take her compliment more seriously, ditch Nachos, then I'll shed 1 kg la? Like that? Pfttt!

But true enough. I'm bulat-er! Look look at these evidence!

I've nobody or nothing to blame but the happiness of staying at home! Seriously, after being away from home & being the budak hostel since 13 & now finally have the chance to live under the ketiak of my family, I'm now in such a comfort zone! I've almost nothing to worry about except when I did some mistakes & I need to tell my Master. Hehe!

But constantly receiving comments of how chubbier I look to date is not nice neither. I was born as a petite baby (2 kg plus only) & all this while I was always between 40 - 42kg. But the moment of truth slapped me on my stomach (there's no better place to remind you about the fats, alright?) yesterday when I stepped onto the weighing scale

44 kg! *gulps*

You may think 44 kg is nothing but mind you for someone petite like me (153/155 cm), the number is HUGE, man!

And it doesn't help that my current desktop wallpaper at the office is this

 Haih! -.-'

Ok, must stop being friends with M&M & all that tidbits, including topping up the tidbits supply at the office. Sigh! And the only exercise I do nowadays is sweeping the floor after coming back from the office & massaging my Mother's feet at nights (it's a hardwork!). Berpeluh la sikit. Ok la kan daripada nan adooo tapi masih tak mampu untuk mencover segala jenis makanan tak sihat yang menyelusuri kerongkongku saban hari

I need to control my diet as soon as possible. Why as soon as possible you ask? Because women's diet always starts tomorrow! Hahaha! And another reason is that I want to look good in front of my future niece/nephew this September, other than for health reason. Wish Mama Sue luck ok?! Ini adalah serious!

Oh Allah, please help me to fight my own nafs!

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