Sunday, 21 April 2013

Of Being A Sleepyhead & Lonely

Assalamualaikum & happy Monday, loves!

I read somewhere that there has been a research conducted on a sleeping pattern with result saying that people who sleep more or like to spend their time sleeping or just like to sleep are lonely


As in  l o n e l y . . . . 

 As defined by

How dare them researchers/scientists associate my precious sleeping hours with loneliness! Just like when they say people who like to sleep with more than 1 pillow is lonely. They are probably either too busy at the lab or have been sleeping on the stools in the labs or have been spending most of their time dozing off in front of the books. You know, like a real nerd will do. Hehe! 

I like to sleep. Sleeping makes me happy. I can get sleepy easily when the weather is too hot, usually while being in the car with me being almost good for nothing co-driver (for those who know. Bahahahaha!). I can sleep more than 10 or 12 hours, wake up & continue sleeping again like nothing ever happened. The bottom line is, my hobby is sleeping. If you like to sleep too, we can be buddies then! High paws!

But seriously, am I really that lonely? :( *Lonely by Akon as the background music*

Nahhh, nevermind! *continues watching How I Met Your Mother*

 My bestfriend!
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