Sunday, 28 April 2013

So Long, Loves. Tqvm For The Memories

Assalamualaikum & happy Sunday everyone!

I've such sensitive skin. Cannot spend too much time under the sun (or else I can get burnt easily like happened to me when I was 14 & the red mark is still there if you come look at my face closely. Tsk!), cannot be too long in the air-conditioned room (or my face will turn red), cannot eat prawns, cannot eat belacan (bahahahah but sorry. I can't live without my sambal belacan. Urghh!), cannot eat nuts/kuaci etc. Yes, I've sinusitis aka resdung

Everytime I came back from any trip, I would be accompanied by some zits too as the souvenirs

 Teknik bergambar paling berkesan untuk menyembunyikan double chin & jejerawat

And with 4 kg extra that I've been gaining lately plus with these zits scattering around my face, my self confidence is really at its lowest. There were a few times when I didn't have heart to check my own self reflection in the mirror :(

I really should start doing something with myself. A very serious resolution is all I need to get myself into. I know I've been mentioning this a few times already & ke laut nampaknya resolusi sebelum ini but mannnnn, I really need to get my old shape & be healthy petite me again!

Since yesterday, I've started doing some exercises after work. It may be nothing much but at least, I sweatttt, alright?! And Kakak, I hereby give you the authority to pinch me if you ever see me with m&m or jajans

Wish me luck! Semoga diberi ketahanan jiwa untuk menahan godaan makanan. Amin... Yang ni paling mencabar. How la to say no to cheap & sedap food yang merata-rata dijual di Kota Bharu. Hatdoii!

My very last pack of m&m 2 days ago. Hopefully!
So long, loves! Tqvm for the memories. Sobs!
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