Thursday, 30 May 2013

Laporan Kesihatan Kucin Kami, Tommy

Assalamualaikum & hallo loves!

1 of out cats, Tommy has been sick for more than 2 weeks. The 2 small wounds on his legs that we thought were just the ordinary wounds (biasalah kucin jantan) turned out to be worse & bigger. Siap keluar nanah banyak!

Sorry, ada orang tengah makan ke?

Apparently , the 2 big wounds had taken toll on Tommy; he lost his appetite, getting thinner (we miss hugging fat & fluffy Tommy) & jalan terjengket-jengket. He refused to be held & stayed at home all day long which was so not Tommy la sebab Tommy suka jalan-jalan around neighbourhood. Kadang-kadang tak balik for a few days

YB versi haiwan berbulu; I call him

Seeing his condition getting worse, we decided that it's best to bring him to the vet on Monday morning. Tommy behaved so well in the car along the journey but hurm hurm hurm... yes, he peed! Lols! Cannot blame him though. Orang tengah sakit kan? Couldn't recall whether it was his first car journey or not

Fuh! So serious oneee!

When the car started moving, Tommy came to me & hide his face on my arm, as if saying "What's happening Mommy? Why the world is moving? Why am I feeling dizzy so suddenly? Je suis malade!"

Kelas sangatkan Tommy? Cakap English + Francais gittew! :)) And blazer saya juga telah selamat ditumbuhi bulu-bulu Tommy pada hari itu. Sigh!

The Parents went to the vet after sending me to the office. According to them, when they put Tommy in a cage while waiting for his turn in the clinic, he was perfectly calm. Maintain macho la kiranya. This is the conversation between Abah & the clinic attendant which I think is hilarious;

Clinic Attendant: Gapo namo kucin Pokcik ni? Comel?
Abah: Dok. Comel ado kat rumoh. Hok ni namo dio Tommy

Lols! Mek Comel sihat je kat rumah. She's so fat that there were a few times we had mistakenly believed that she was pregnant!

Btw, Tommy had to be admitted to the ward for a few hours. Petang around 5 something baru Abah datang amik & Tommy came home with this look

"What's this thing around my neck Mommy? Me don't like it! Me miss licking my yummy paws!"
*air mata bergenang di pipi*"

Btw, the doc put that thing to avoid Tommy from licking his wounds. And we think Tommy looks so hilarious with that. Macam clown pun ada. You should see how he struggled to lick his paws. Macam lidah dah ready untuk lick, paws pun but that thing around his neck memisahkan mereka. Hahah! Even our 2 other cats, Comel & Chika pun macam jakun tengok Tommy

Tommy was given some ubat sapu; liquid & gel. And on the paket ubat, instead of 'Tommy', dorang tulis 'Tomy'

So not hip -.-'

Abah: Tommy keno tukar namo ni. Tok serasi. Keno letok namo lain
Kakak: Tony? Sempena dengan nama Kak Ton Comel takkk?

Sometimes I forgot that our petite family can be that funny. Lols!

Alhamdulillah, Tommy is getting better. Dah start keluar merayap macam biasa tak sampai 24 hours after hantar pergi vet hingga memaksa kami mengenakan perintah berkurung ke atasnya i.e masuk cage bersama 2 ekor adik-adik berbulu yang lain yakni Comel & Chika

Sekian sahaja laporan kesihatan kucin kami, Tommy. And the damage done was RM83

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