Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Of My Sister's Birthday & Perfect Happy Endings

Assalamualaikum & happy Tuesday, people!

It's my Sister's birthday today! Happy Birthday Sexy Bigcat! *throws a lot of water balloons at her* May Allah bless you always & make your pregnancy journey a very smooth one! Amin...

How old are you again? 25? 27? 30? 31? 35? :P

Dec 2006
When we were much much much younger *coughs*

Growing up with 5 years different in age, we totally have different characters. She's always been the one with friendlier & loud personality compared to timid me. But as we grow older, we're now getting used to receive comments on how we do really look like or similar to each other!

Sorry, are you trying to say that I also gain weight? But my Sister's pregnant & she has a valid reason for that! Pftttt! -.-'

Anyway, 1 of many earliest memories I had when I was a kid was watching Disney movies with her during the school breaks (beside playing chess & being bullied by her most of the time. Until now I'm still her favourite bully victim though. Sobs!). We would set up our so-called nest or shelter in front of the tv, complete with pillows, blanket & some titbits. Dulu, cuti sekolah sokmo hujan. Syiok dapat bergolek-golek secara berjemaah macam seals

I wasn't a type of girl who was girlish & went insane over Barbie dolls & girly stuff like that but watching such movies brought out the inner side of me. You know, things like 'Auwww! I want my own prince charming too!', 'Why must the princes be that hopeless romantic?' or 'I want to walk so gracefully like Cinderella!'

A girl can dream alright? :P

So, within 2 weeks, I've been watching 3 Disney movies; Cinderella, The Little Mermaid & Beauty & the Beast. The fact that I had already forgotten some of the storylines made it more exciting! Couldn't help but to smile & giggle like a girl who just received a love letter & cried over the sad scenes. Dan-dan masa tu teringat akan kisah cinta diri sendiri yang tidak berkesudahan dengan kegembiraan. Gitteww!

Don't you just love watching movies with perfect happy endings? :')

Btw, if you want to watch some Disney movies online (and other movies as well), you may want to visit this site, megashare.info! I just discovered it last week & have been hooked ever since! Major love!

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