Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Of Calon Menantu

Assalamualaikum & hallo people!

I went to a kenduri with my parents a few days ago where it turned out to be my Mother's impromptu mini reunion with her usrah friends. One of my Mother's friends is this one makcik, whom I learned later has 5 sons. I repeat, 5 sons! Wow! And it seems that the makcik is currently in a mission to find a calon menantu for her eldest son who is currently studying in Australia

So, I was asked a few questions during the majlis; 
  • Dah habis belajar ke
  • Amik course apa
  • Bila majlis i.e are you single?
  • Lastly, how old I am

Too bad that I'm a year older than her son. Otherwise, agak-agak makcik sudi ke nak bermenantukan saya ini? Bahahaha!

Gaya gelak pun dah fail sebenarnya -.-'

 To love me is to love trying out new food at new places. Gitteww!

Ni masa makan dengan Kak Ton Haryani at Chef Li's Restaurant, Jalan Dusun Muda, K.Bharu semalam. I was having a hard time to decide what to eat; mutton kebab beriyani or chicken kebab beriyani. What a tough decision to make. Pheww! And tqvm Kak Ton for the lunch treat!

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