Thursday, 27 June 2013

The End of 9 Months

Assalamualaikum & how are you earthlings?

All praises to Allah The Almighty, today is my final day of being a pupil in chamber/a chambering student! Yayyy! This whole 9 month period (27/09/2012 - 27/06/2013) feels surreal to me sometimes. But now that I've passed all requirements; LL.B (Hons) & the Malaysian Bar Council Ethics exam, it's very safe to say that I'm just a step away to be called to the Bar & be a LAWYER! InsyaAllah!

I'm definitely not the first lawyer in Sheikh Abdullah clan & also in my kampung but still. Hehe! And another step I've yet to make is the tedious process of filling Form 6,7,8 in KL & preparing for our Called to the Malaysian Bar ceremony at the K.Bharu High Court soon. Perhaps, in August

I shall write another post about this, ala-ala timeline gitu. Ni kalau orang pregnant, dah cukup 3 trimesters la kekdahnya

And oh, bersempena dengan penutup 9 bulan chambering (Lols!), I bought myself a bouquet of pretty chrysanthemum yesterday! Yes, I'm cheesy that way but they're only RM1.30, so why not ayteee? :) Ira helped me to put them into a recycled mineral bottle & my office table is now 50% more feminine :P


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