Monday, 17 June 2013

The Wedding Reception of Ustaz Hamidi & Kak Haiza (Part 1)

Assalamualaikum & happy Monday, people!

Attending weddings can be tiring (traffic jam, hot hot sunny day & all) but I just love seeing the day where people are at their utter happiness. Being married to someone you heartily love; what not to be happy about ayte? Alhamdulillah :')

So, on 2/6/2013, it was my Bro-In-Law's younger brother, Ustaz Hamidi & Kak Haiza's wedding reception held at the bride's house in Tumpat. Being a part of the extended family we are, we were more than happy to join the rombongan where I was honoured to be one of the tray bearers. Or more like bidan terjun

Read about their engagement last August here

It was a very sunny day, plus the long queues on the road hence these pictures of the skies

No specific colour theme, maka kita hentam sahajalah pakai hijau

And I think I forgot to put some liptics before the picture was taken. Nampaknya, perlu bekerja dengan lebih keras untuk kelihatan lebih bersedia untuk the next selfie. Bimbo much? -.-'

We gathered at the BIL's kampung at Kok Keli, Tumpat while waiting for others to arrive before leaving to the bride's house at 2.15 pm. Sebelum itu sempat ngap 2 biji sardin rolls sebagai alas perut. Terima kasih Su Bah

Some of the hantaran  from the bridegroom

To be continued  whenever I'm rajin ...

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