Thursday, 15 August 2013

Gadis-gadis Jelita Tak Terperi

When I was in the secondary school (an all girls' boarding school to be specific) I purposely didn't attach myself to any certain circle of friends. No, I wasn't a lone ranger but I was (and still I am) a type of person who likes to be friends with anyone. I didn't like to restrict myself sticking to the same people, thus I could easily hop on from 1 group of friends to another

But of course they are some special ones among them whom we proudly called ourselves 'Gadis-gadis Kubang Kerian' for an oblivious reason. Lols! However, the name has been changed recently, as we realized that 2 of us aren't from Kubang Kerian. So, our group's new name at Whassap is;

Sorry, perasaan a bit. Kasi can la please? :P

And I just realized that I created the group on 14/2/2013. Not that we celebrate Valentine's Day but there might be something that had forced me to create the group on that day. Might be one of sad talks I often had with Baei & Dayah. Lols!

Btw, 2 of us have been off from the market already. Mimi was the first one who officiated the Puan title last April, followed by Yuni on the fifth day of Raya. It was my first day at the office after Raya, so you can imagine how resah gelisah I was while waiting for the clock to strike 1 p.m

Yuni's house is situated right before jambatan Pasir Mas, so the traffic jam was crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy -> to emphasize on how bad it was. It wasn't because I love Yuni very much, I would have made a u-turn & go back to my house instead

Enough with the bebelan

 Auwww! :')

Us, plus Mimi yang sedang beraya bersama di Sabah bersama suami tersayang

 How thoughtful of the bride to provide that signage to her single friends. Tqvm!
And O Allah, please don't let me be the last person to get married among us T_T

To Yuni & Khairul,
I pray for you everlasting happiness sampailah ke syurga. May you two be blessed with a lot of barakah, rezeki & kids. Amin... And to Yuni, I know you work in Penang & now marry a Penangite but please don't forget your asal usul. Tak budu hilang di dunia, alright? And please don't forget us here, the Gadis-gadis Jelita Tak Terperi :')

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