Thursday, 29 August 2013

You Don't Need To Go To Uni & Earn A Degree In Order To Feel Guilty & Apologize Properly

Salam & hallo!

I'm a type of person who, most of the time tries to avoid any negativity at all cost but unfortunately, there was something bad happened to me recently which has put me in a rowdy mood. I was & am still mad of course & how I wish I can pour down everything on this post. Too bad that it's too personal to be blabbed here but at least I've got to learn some lessons from it;

  • Don't trust anyone that MUCH although he/she may appear like a very nice friend. He/she might be collecting stories from you & your friends in order to share them with his/her another set of friends. It's another form of betrayal, ladies & gentlemen
  • A person who likes to talk about other people (or worse, share about other people's stories at whassap group as if their life is just a piece of joke to him/her) has a very HIGH tendency to do the same to you. If he/she can do that to his/her friend(s), it's not impossible that he/she would do the same to you. Aha!
  • It's not worth your time to befriend who doesn't even know how to apologize properly. Dude, fake it at least! Apa, kau tak punya perasaan ke?
  •  And you don't need to go to uni & earn a degree in order to feel guilty & apologize properly
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