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How Can You Lose Weight in 15 Easy Steps

I was searching for some videos on the history of Ancient Egypt & pyramids (yes, my life is that interesting) when I stumbled upon this useful article on 'How Can You Lose Wight In 15 Easy Steps' at this website

Macam tak ada kaitan langsung kan between Egyptian histrory & weight loss, but whatever. And yes I know I know. 15 steps don't sound that easy at all ayte? If it's that easy, why can't they make 1 or 2 steps only instead of 15 FREAKING steps. Pftttt! Banyak kot 15 but believe me, all these 15 steps are actually very simple. In fact, some of them are already in our daily routine!

And oh, I also add some notes at the end of every step, marked with ' -- ' kununnya bertujuan untuk compare with my own steps. Hihi!

1. Eat Less 

If you want to lose weight, you have to eat less. This seems like it would go without saying but many people who want to lose weight make little to no changes in their diet. If you simply cut your calories by 500 a day, you will be on track to lose a pound of fat a week (approx.) without changing anything else in your life

-- For someone who used to gain 4 or 5 kg in just 4 months, this was hard & in fact, I didn't realize that my used to be petite appetite had turned out to be grande! It was hard to control my nasi intakes at first but what I did was to have nasi in a very small portion i.e half or 1/3 from what I used to have in my plate. Of course my tummy made some protests later but little by little, I managed to discipline it *blows nails*

2. Get Motivated

A big part of losing weight is getting motivated & staying motivated. Reading other people’s success stories, making workout playlists & planning rewards for when you reach certain milestones (every 5 or 10 pounds lost) are just a few ways to keep your motivation

-- My biggest motivation is myself. I mean my old kurus self once upon a time ago when I was just 42 kg. I looked at my old pictures, felt sorry to my present self & set some targets to lose weight! Pronto! And of course receiving comments from people on how different I look was one of the things that kept me motivated. Stress wehhh dengar orang dok komen badan kita ni dikkk!

3. Drink Ice Water

Drinking water in general will help you lose weight. Often times the body might feel hungry, when in fact you are just thirsty. Water will fill up your stomach so that you don’t have that emptiness. Drinking ice water burns extra calories because the body has to warm up the cold water. This alone won’t make you lose 20 pounds but it will help you burn a few extra calories every day

-- I'm a big fan of H2O! I can't leave without it & I'll make sure I've a bottle of water in my bedroom. Kalau tak, memang tak senang duduk & tak lena tidur. Rasa macam tercekik masa tidur tu & pernah sebab desperate sangat takut nak pergi kitchen tengah-tengah malam sorang-sorang, I drank the tap water in the bathroom. Bahahaha! Yes, I'm that obsessed with water

4. Drink Green Tea

Swapping your soda for green tea could be one of the best weight-loss moves you’ve ever made! It has no calories & EGCG, a compound found in green tea, has been shown to speed metabolism & aid in weight loss

-- Drinking & liking green tea in progress

5. Switch to Whole Grains

Switch to Whole Grains
Trade in your refined grains for whole grains if you want to lose weight. Whole grains are high in fiber & complex carbohydrates. They make you feel fuller longer & cause a much smaller insulin spike. This means less fat storage & more sustained energy levels

-- But whole grain breads are more expensive -.-'

6. Lift Weight 

Weight training is one of the best activities for burning calories. In addition, the more muscle mass you have, the more calories it takes your body to sustain life. This means that when you have more muscle mass, you burn more calories when you aren’t even doing anything!

-- Can I just stick to my cycling-on my-cycling-machine-while-watching-movies routine? I'm not a fan of toned muscles, thanks 

7. Be Active 

An active lifestyle doesn’t have to mean going to the gym & spending countless hours on the treadmill. Simple things like going on walks or hikes, performing yard work or even playing recreational sports with friends are all great ways to burn calories & make you a happier person

-- I don't have time to exercise. I know it sounds more like an excuse but it's a fact. So, what I do is to do some house chores like sweeping the floor, scrubbing the bathroom/toilet, washing the dishes etc. They may look nothing (to men especially *rolls eyes*) but I believe that every movement of your muscles counts! Selain daripada rumah bersih & dapat pahala, it's also a form of exercise too! WoohoO!

8. Be Positive

Positive thought is vital to losing weight. Self-doubt is the anchor that keeps most people from moving forward on their weight-loss goals. Force yourself to think positive thoughts about yourself & your circumstances. You’ll be amazed at the results

-- Think Miranda Kerr! :P Ok, if that's too much, then think that we're going to use our body until we're old. InsyaAllah. Losing weight isn't all about being thin & look nicer but it's also about keeping our body fit & healthier

9. Enough Sleep 

Proper sleep is essential for losing weight. The right amount of sleep helps to keep hormones regulated. Studies have shown that when you don’t sleep enough, you actually feel less satisfied after meals the next day!

-- Oh, I love this part the most! Eventually I know my love towards sleeping is good for something. Hehe!

10. Reduce Stress

Stress causes the release of cortisol, a hormone that helps us be alert & awake & and also causes fat storage to increase. Try yoga, meditation, positive thought or breathing exercises. This will help you lose weight, as well as make you a healthier person

-- Need to work more on this. But most of the time; stress - eat more - stress berat naik & the cycle repeats

11. Keep a Food Diary 

People who write down what they eat tend to be much more successful at losing weight. In fact, studies have found that people who keep track of their daily food intake in a journal eat 15% less than people who don't. Keep a notebook handy so you can jot down everything you consume throughout the day!

-- I've been thinking about this. No doubt that it will have 'Nasi Kerabu' written in every page

12. Eat at Home 


Restaurants, whether they be sit-down or fast food, pack heaps of calories into their dishes -- even some of the so-called "healthy" options. Eating out often is a surefire way to put on extra poundage, even if you only have salads. Instead, plan to eat most of your meals at home. You'll have more control over what goes into your body and what it contains, and you'll most likely eat less in the process.

-- Except for lunch during weekdays, I only dine outside like once or twice in a month

13. Sit at the Table 

Instead of eating meals in front of the television or computer, be a little more old-fashioned and sit at the table. You'll be less likely to overeat if you aren't distracted; focus on what 're eating and pay attention to how full you feel. You'll be eating less and losing weight in no time!

-- My Mother has a strict rule on this

14. Opt for Hot Sauce and Salsa 

Instead of dousing your food in butter or sugary sauces, try using hot sauce or salsa. Not only do they bring little to no calories to the table, but they also help kick your digestive processes into high gear, which burns more calories. It's a win-win!

-- Me love hot & cry-me-a-river-pedasnya food!

15. Eat Less Processed Food 

Processed foods usually contain ingredients that aren't all that healthy. Instead, buy fresh food items when shopping for food at the grocery store. Your body will thank you! 

-- This is hard because my boss loves McD & Burger King and everytime she feels like having them, she'll drag me too & makes me have what she has. Haih!
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