Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Lagi 5 Hari

Assalamualaikum & hi! Apa khabar?

I've been extremely tired these days. Like very tired. No matter how early I go to bed at night, I would wake up the next morning feeling so tired & tidak bermaya. And the headache, oh my! It's totally not fun. Adalah ini salah satu tanda-tanda penuaan? :(

Sudah lama tidak share random pictures di instagram. Maka, terimalah;

1. 5 days more & hallo October! It's been a busy month! *gasps for air*
2. My office table. The files keep coming & sometimes all I wanted to do was to sleep under my table or in the surau. Yes, no kidding
3. My first 2014 diary & organizer from our client. Loving the bright red & that '2014' font, reminds me to tempurung kelapa. Lols! Can't wait to conteng-conteng inside & if you must know, I can't live without my diary that sometimes, pergi kenduri or pergi anywhere during weekends pun wajib ada dalam handbag. Gejala apakah ini? Workaholic?
4. Hi! It's yours truly, in case you're wondering how my chubby cheeks are doing #lamereasonforselfie
5. Bought my very first own Tupperware & it's a sexy pink water tumbler. Motivasi untuk lebih rajin minum air
6. Meet my 2 month & a half anak sepupu, Muhammad Yusuf who was born in Egypt & balik Malaysia about a month ago. He was sleeping soundly in his Abi's arms & when I usik-usik his nose, he smiled!  Auwww! Cik Sue love you very much Baby Y!

Can't wait for weekend!

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