Thursday, 12 December 2013

We Love Beach

Assalamualaikum & hi!

My family told me that when I was a kid, I loved beach very much. Even the sight of the beach could make me go bonkers. Kalau lalu tepi beach & tak singgah, siap laaa. And if we stopped by & there was playground, I would run here & there playing with every thing available like swings, see-saw etc like there's no tomorrow

I didn't know I was actually that type of kid :P

Anyhow, no matter how much I love beach, the chance of allowing angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa to come entertaining my face doesn't come as much. And most of time, they came unplanned. Like these impromtu visits to the beach recently, in formal black & white with heels & all :P

5/12/2013, Pantai Bachok
Had some matters at Bachok Land Office, so Ira & I couldn't tahan ourselves from giving Pantai Bachok a 'hallo'. Hehe! The wind blew so strong & the waves were fierce but there were still a few people who went for mandi manda, accompanied by adults of course. There were a few JPAM men were watching them, so I guess ok la kot as long as dorang mandi kat tepian (?) pantai je

We stopped by for about 10 minutes I guess. Ok la daripada tak singgah langsung. Tsk!


11/12/2013, Pantai Tok Bali
Had some matters at P.Puteh Land Office & yes, why not paid a visit to Tok Bali ayte? Hehe!

 Kununnya nak cari tempat lunch while waiting for clients, tapi ke laut juga akhirnya lunch itu

Tok Bali landmark

 Ombak rindu

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