Monday, 20 January 2014

Now / Maintenant / Sekarang

"Talk to Allah in your own language with your heart fully present. 
Allah doesn’t need you to rhyme or speak arabic."
- Omar Suleiman 

"My heart feels so heavy & I don’t know how to carry it."
- Sharon Dogar, Annexed

"Sometimes you have to act like you don’t care, even when you do."
- Anonymous

"Look between the lines. Read between the words. 
The most important things are left unsaid & unheard."
- Anonymous

"Doa terindahmu adalah doa bagi kebaikan orang lain yang
tidak tahu bahwa engkau berdoa baginya."
- Mario Teguh 

"Think of all the beauty still left around you & be happy."
- Anne Frank

"Be grateful for the wound that pushes you towards God."
- Yasmin Mogahed 

"Allah knows the hidden matters & is aware of the hidden feelings. 
He encompasses everything. He has control & power over everything."
- Imam Ali

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