Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Black Curtain

Me, defined

For some reasons, I purposely hide myself behind that black curtain, enjoying the hindered view

Although there were times I was suffocated & struggled to breathe in some fresh air, I've to act so cool cold & put a boundary on who & what I should allow to stay in my life. I might sound like goody-goody but pardon moi as I need to be selfish & carefully guard myself. Like a protective mama cat being fierce & firm. Mi-aw!

After all, if it isn't me, then who else shall I put my trust in not allowing anyone or anything to break my heart again?

Tapi sampai bila? Oh, the dilemma :(

Al-Jabbar & Al-Muhaimin; from You I seek help & protection from any pain, hurt or harm. Please guide me through the right path & ease my affairs. Amin...

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