Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Benda Cantik Memang Selalunya Mahai


I've gained 1 kg in about *counts* 2 weeks. So, I'm 44 kg now. Sigh!

Tiba-tiba kedengaran suara di hujung tanjung sana bertanya "Olohhh, 1 kg je punggg"

It might be nothing to some people but for a petite person like me who looks like a bloated squid even at 46/48 kg, every kg counts

Perhaps the cheeky Toblerone choc I purposely keep inside my drawer at the office & have it bits by bits as breakfast or snacks is the main culprit. Or perhaps it's the amount of calories (i.e nasi. The dilemma of a real person with perut cap Melayu) that I take everyday is the cause. Or perhaps, I should put the entire blame on the happiness that has been surrounded me lately. *blush*

Need to start exercising again + cut down my nasi intakes + drink a lot of water & fruit. Keeping myself fit is the utmost goal now. Chaiyokkk!

On the unrelated note, stumbled upon this Fb page named Inayah & fall in love instantly with its dresses. It was really love at the first sight but looking at the prices, mampu pendam dalam lubuk hati je la dikkk

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