Friday, 14 March 2014

Playing Host

Assalamualaikum & hi!

I do realize that my blog has been missing something these past few months; the pictures I personally take using the digicam, edit them with love & share them here

What to do, digicams nowadays telah diambil alih kuasa oleh smart phones. Instead of blogging, might as well share them at Instagram ayte?

Anyhow, my hp has been showing the 'storage space running low' & it means that I've got to delete some of the pictures. Sayang pulak nak delete secara membabi buta. Maka, marilah berblogging walaupun cerita sudah agak outdated & tak ada motif tertentu. Sambil bercerita boleh promote K.Bharu beley-beley orey kato. Hehe!

So, A.H (he needs a proper introduction but maybe next time. Hehe!) was here in K.Bharu from 27/02 till 01/03. Thank Allah for my car Alex kalau tak tahu la macam mana nak play host diligently because I can't imagine what it would turn out if I don't have Alex to bring us jalan-jalan during his 3 day stay here. And honestly I don't think I'm such a good host. Lagi over dari tourist ada la nak-nak when my girl friends, Diha & Baei pun tag along. Bimbo gila. Bahaha! Kesian A.H -.-'

I was clueless at first on where to bring him jalan-jalan. Being a Kelantanese myself doesn't actually make me a well-versed host. A.H is actually 1/3 Kelantanese who doesn't speak Kelantanese, only pulang beraya to his kampung in Wakaf Bharu once in 2 years & doesn't eat budu in a daily/weekly basis. So, it's safe to say that he's not that Kelantanese which makes my duty as a host a bit difficult. Had to ask around, did some studies & did a tentative on some interesting places in Kelantan. I know right, over gila -.-'

Day 1: 27/02/2014, Thursday

Me & Diha fetched A.H at the airport around 2 p.m. He came straight from the hospital that morning, traveling with an empty stomach all the way from KL. Kesiannn. Maka, we had lunch first at Wau before going to Masjid Muhammadi, Kota Bharu for Zuhur prayer

I always love this masjid. There's something about it that makes me feels so nostalgic, like looking at a timeless thing & having some imaginations on how it has seen things over these past years. It's an old masjid (built in 1867) with an old design, nothing as fancy as the 2 masjids in Putrajaya but still, it has its own charm :)

If you're in K.Bharu, don't forget to visit this masjid. It's just a walking distance from Nasi Ulam Cikgu at Kampung Kraftangan

There's one beautiful traditional wooden house in front of Masjid Muhammadi. We couldn't help but to being jakun & snap some pictures. Milik siapakah rumah ini?

Since 3 of us love beach, off to Pantai Cahaya Bulan (PCB) we went! It was around 4 pm when we arrived at PCB with the hot scorching evening Sun but we were fortunate enough to get a nice cute hut to sit under, sip our cold & fresh air kelapa muda & admire the beauty of the beach. Alhamdulillah. Nasib baik tak terlelap je. Hehe!

There are a lot of restaurants along the beach but my favourite is the farthest one belah kiri. Palinggggg hujung. Finding a parking space may be a bit problem during weekends but it's really worth it! I mean, who doesn't love relaxing under a hut sambil angin laut China Selatan menyapa pipi

Otw balik singgah kejap at Thai Festival in front of Masjid Muhammadi. Rambang mataaaaa tengok banyak stalls jual Thai authentic food. Unleashing the Thai blood dalam diri kunun-kunnunnya :P My personal favourite is somtam. Mahai sikit la makcik tu jual, RM5 per bowl tapi kerana cinta hamba turutkan

Later, we sent A.H to his hotel. Maka, tamatlah sudah day 1

Day 2: 28/02/2014, Friday 

Since Diha was working that evening, I had to drag Baei to be the co-host. Wished that Diha could join us too, the more the merrier orang kata although it might make A.H feel a bit left out. Lols!

We went to Pengkalan Kubor in the evening after Friday prayer. A.H bought some things for his family, you know usual stuff people outside Kelate will buy; keropok keping, sos etc. Meanwhile, me & Baei went crazy over chocolates. Fyi, Pengkalan Kubur is a duty free shopping zone, hence cheap imported chocolates! My new obsession is Pepero & I bought about 5 boxes I think? Bless!

Beli abe beliiii. Jange tok beli

On our way back to K.Bharu, singgah sebentar di Pantai Seri Tujuh, Tumpat which is also the venue for Annual Malaysian International Kite Festival. Love the beach walaupun orang agak ramai. Tapi beach kat Kelate ni memang ore rama sokmo. Doh namo pung beach


Spent about an hour there before we left & performed Asar prayer at Masjid Tumpat. We then had dinner at Medan Ikan Bakar Kedai Buloh, which is situated next to Sg. Kelantan, about 15 minutes from K.Bharu & not far away from Pantai Cahaya Bulan (PCB). We arrived there around 7 something p.m & we missed the chance to watch the sunset! Baru ingat nak feeling-feeling ambik gambar kat koridor sambil disapu angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa

The food was good. We had tomyam campur, kerang bakar, sotong celup tepung, ikan something 3 rasa & other dishes which I already forgot. Tqvm A.H for the treat. Kenyang perut puas hati. Alhamdulillah
Image taken from

For a better service (sebab ada baca review orang complain servis slow), you're advised to make an early reservation. Plus, kalau weekends memang ramai orang

Medan Ikan Bakar Kedai Buloh
Jalan Kuala Besar, PCB, Kota Bharu, Kelantan
 09-774 4000

Day 3: 01/03/2014, Saturday

The main reason of A.H's trip to Kelantan was to meet my Parents & family. I was a bit cuak honestly but A.H was acting so cool. Siap masuk dapur 2 kali basuh pinggan. Lols!

It was quite a relief seeing how A.H mingled with my family & vice versa. Even Umar likes him, I think :)

Happy & cheeky Umar with his Ummi & Tok Ma

A.H had 3 plates of nasi. So, sedap la kot eh?

A.H returned to KL that night with his bags a few kg heavier. Hehe! So, that's the end of his trip to Kelantan & my duty as the host. Sekian :)

Last but not least, tqvm to my two good friends, Diha & Baei for being the co-hosts! I can't imagine if they couldn't join us!

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