Sunday, 20 April 2014

Lab Coat vs Robe

Was on phone with A.H the other day, talking about random stuff while he was walking to the ward. He told me that one of the nurses asked him about his lab coat, "Doktor punya lab coat ni dari zaman belajar eh?" which literally means "Kenapa buruk benor lab coat doktor ni?". Lols! Apparently, his friends had also showed their concern on how worn out his lab coat is

He usually leaves his labcoat at the hospital & wears it all day long, hatta even when it's not necessary. Like the other day when he had to send a blood sample to a clinic nearby & wore his lab coat just because "Nanti orang kat counter tu ingat ni mamat jual jamu mana pulak ni".Tsk!

As if his skema-ness + stethoscope + name tag aren't obvious enough -.-'

And only Allah knows what sorts of germs & bacteria can be found living happily on it. The lab coat is no longer white, it has turned itself to yellow. Can you imagine it? But being a busy guy he is, getting a new lab coat is probably the last thing in his mind. "Daripada keluar beli lab coat baru, baru gi makan Wong Solo kat Kg Baru", mungkin itu yang bermain di fikiran beliau

Being baik hati I am, of course I feel so kesian. I had told him a few times on my idea of giving him a new lab coat as one of the hantarans for our engagement. Thought that I'll be something cool & extraordinary but the Sister & Mother don't seem amused with the idea. You see, I've been trying to be practical with our hantarans, not untuk cukupkan syarat per se. Like, why do I need to give him a sampin when he desperately needs a new lab coat more?

On other hand, A.H seems to be happy with it. (or does he pretend that he's ok with the idea? He better not). In return, he said that perhaps he should give me a robe, sebagai balasan kepada lab coat

Black & white; wowww! Our lives are very interesting

Tqvm love. I do appreciate a lot it but I'm not wearing my robe everyday & it's not easily worn out. I even believe the robe yang mek ada sekarang ni pun boleh dipass down kepada 3 generasi kami yang akan datang. InsyaAllah :P

The lab coat won't be one of the hantarans unfortunately but I'm still thinking of giving him a new one as an upah for kelakuan baik, an inside joke between us. Hehe!

3 weeks more before our engagement! InsyaAllah *freaks out*

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