Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Lawyer vs Kerani

My new card. Yayy!

At CIMB Bank this morning where the Kakak Kaunter needed my personal information to fill in some forms;

Kakak Kaunter: Kerja apa cik?
Saya: Lawyer
Kakak Kaunter: Kerani?
Saya: Tak, lawyer
Kakak Kaunter: Ohhhh, sorrryyy!
Saya: .........

Not first time it happened though, not first time ... Thus, the reason why I prefer to wear formal black & white attire whenever I need to go to LHDN, Land Office etc. Even to the Court to file some documents (which usually took me 5 minutes only) or send letters/documents to the other firms

I can hear my 2 law degrees are crying at home now. Poor my babies & all those 5 years of sleepless night at I spent at Law School. Dark circles pun belum fully recover ni tawwww? Lols!

No offense to all cik/kak/puan kerani who might read this but if so, my apologies! Just so you know, my best friend at the office is our kerani ;)

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