Monday, 26 May 2014


What a posh cafe! Makes my stomach grumble
Please behave perut. Bawa bertendang. We're fasting today

I just realized a few days ago that I still owe this blog a few posts on;
  • My LL.B (Hons) convocation in November 2012 -- Seeing my juniors uploading their convocation pictures on Fb last week made me feel old but I'm so happy for them nonetheless. Welcome to the black & white world, guys!
  • My Admission as An Advocate & Solicitor of The High Court of Malaya in August 2013 -- aka Being Called to The Malaysian Bar aka Long Call. 3 more months & I'll be celebrating my first anniversary being a lawyer. What a roller-coaster experience. Phewww!
  • My Engagement on 10.05.2014 -- Wah! Kelik pah kelik pahh, sudah 2 minggu rupanya mek bergelar tunangan orang. I think it has no difference between before & after the Engagement as we're in LDR except that we're being more serious with the wedding preparation & all

Nantilah update bila ada masa & extra rajin although the first 2 dalam senarai di atas basi already. Better late than never orang kata

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