Monday, 18 August 2014


These are the food I had in the past 3 days;

Sushi King KB Mall with the Sister. Not really a fan of sushi (not even fish) but this kind is an exception

Restauran Ayman (in front of K.Bharu Court) with Ira. I can have capati & roti canai everyday! No problem!

Ozarah Cafe (near Bangunan UMNO K.Bharu) with the boss & staff

Juara Ikan Bakar (in front of Balai Polis Kbg Kerian) with Diha. All these for RM36 only!
*cries jakun dengan negeri sendiri*

Food makes me happy. In fact, I don't mind spending a big amount of money from my gaji on food rather than on other stuff like clothes, make-ups etc. Sila rujuk gambar profile di sebelah kanan blog untuk menyokong hujahan

My Mother on the other hand, is not happy with this hobby of mine eating outside. Hehe!

Buttttttttt, I need time to socialize too kan after stressful days at the office. I think, approximately 3/4 of the pictures I uploaded on Instagram were the pictures of food which tells that I'm more interested on foodfie, rather than selfie

Nak-nak people have been commenting on how kurus I'm now i.e 41 kg. Tak molek kurus sangat dorang kata tapi masalahnya pipi mek ni je pun dah berapa kg T_T #dilemaseorangwanita

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