Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Of The Weighing Scale Yang Tidak Lagi Benar

Assalamualaikum & hi!

My Sister whatssap-ed me a few days ago, lodging a complain about the weighing scale at home

The weighing scale is a few years old already which explains its ketidakjituan but we still rely on its though, me especially as it's inside my room

My Sister is currently in her mission to shed a few kg post pregnancy. I have to admit that although it's quite inspiring seeing her become a herbivore, eating salad & fruits only (while me on the other hand had lamb & KitKat like there's no tomorrow), it also makes me go -.-' when she suddenly becomes so semangat to exercise.

The abandoned bicycle machine in the store surely felt terharu when she started to ride it again after months of being left untouched. Dan tak pasal-pasal juga my 10 month-old nephew yang mempunyai berat 10kg itu menjadi dumb bell. Lols!

About a year ago, I was also in that phase, trying so desperately to get back to my old weight

From L to R; 22/04/2013 - 05/05/2013 - 30/05/2013

Gambar yang tengah tu paling nightmare hoiiii! T_T

Manakala untuk gambar terkini, terimalah ....


Born & had been petite all my life, gaining a sudden 6-7 kg extra was definitely a nightmare to me. I had nothing to blame on except for a comfort zone I was in at that time i.e chambering period + cukup makan tidur bahagia lalala duduk dengan family + single life with no string attached/headache. I didn't quite realize that my physical look had changed except when people started to show their concern & shower me with comments on my weight & chubbiness

It was so stressful T_T which led to my 'Misi Kurus'. You may read about it here. There are a lot of tips on how to reduce weight I share kat link tuh which I gathered from various sources from the internet. So, jangan malu/malas nak click. Babap kang! Tapi kalau malas juga, rahsia nak cepat kurus sebenarnya ialah minum banyak air everyday. Paling-paling sikit pun 1 liter

Anyway, I don't know what my current weight is since the weighing scale at home is no longer reliable. Need to pay a visit to an electronic weighing scale at Tesco, yang depan toilet (tak ramai orang, so boleh buat-buat bimbo terkejut tengok berat badan terkini. Gitteww!) for a more accurate reading but masa pergi last time 2 days before Raya, I was 42.1 kg *beams with pride*

Well, it's true that I'm underweight but I don't have any plan so far to put on some weight despite constant nags from the Family & A.H. Hehe! As long as I feel good, healthy & confidence, so why not ayte? (adik-adik, sila jangan contohi kakakmu ini)

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