Wednesday, 7 January 2015



A.H is officially 29 years old today! Alhamdulillah! *throws water balloons & confetti*

This is his last birthday before he drops off his single title next month, InsyaAllah & although I really wanted it to be very special (before he commits his whole life to me. Ahem!) there's nothing much that I can do since we're in a LDR. Nonetheless, I sent him a pre birthday present last month & another birthday parcel with a card yesterday sebagai penganti diri

Was trying so hard to keep the latter as a surprise although I couldn't make it more obvious by asking him his favourite colour & his house's postcode -.-' #miserablyfailed #tryagainnextbirthday #goodluck

A.H: Ada post something eh tadi?
Saya: Tak ada. Tak sempat beli pun. Sorry
A.H: Surprise eh?
Saya: Tak ada. Betul. Sorry tau? Disappointed tak?
A.H: Ye la. Tengok-tengok esok or lusa ada la tu parcel kat rumah

And he went on trying to make me fall into his trick & make me admit that I did post him something. I was so close to give up & tell him about the little surprise because he sounded so kesian. He's not cerewet though. This guy is easily amused, I'm lucky. Hehe!

Anyway to A.H, happy birthday! May Allah bless you in anything you do & may He ease your path to become a great specialist someday, InsyaAllah (so that I can be a full time housewife, as you always wish. Lols!) Counting days to grow old with you, our first anniversary of his first 'Hello!' on 11/01/2014, first meeting on 26/01/2014 & also to my birthday on 23/01!

January is definitely our favourite month! (and too bad that I'm quite an enthusiast when it comes to remembering our important dates)

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