Sunday, 25 January 2015

Turning A Year Older

Received a surprise bouquet of 20 bars of chocolates from A.H, delivered to my office this morning :)

I officially turned a year older last Friday, 23/01 at 6.45 a.m to be specific. Alhamdulillah

All praises to Allah for this countless of blessings in terms of nikmat umur, health, family & other rizq. My life may not perfect but I'm very grateful for every single thing I have now

This is my last birthday as a single woman & I have a pretty mixed feeling about this. Cried a bucket on my birthday night thinking that I will no longer be my Parents' responsibility after the akad. Can I just freeze time & be their little girl forever? Ya Allah, grant them Your jannah for all the sacrifices they've made in raising me & my siblings up, help & ease my affairs to make them happy & give them the best state of health. Amin ya rabbal alamin

I'm not big fan of birthday as it had always reminded how I've aged over these years *in denial* but I don't mind receiving surprise & presents on my birthday though. Asked A.H why he gave me a bouquet of chocolates & not traditional flowers, his answer was "Sebab bunga akan layu. Baik chocolates. Kenyang". So clever my Fiance, dah tau salah satu kegemaran mek ialah makan chocolate, bukan makan bunga :P Nonethelss thanks a lot A.H for his effort in making this bridezilla happy  

Anyway, I still haven't had the chance to reply to each birthday wishes/duas that I received but InsyaAllah will do so soon. And for everyone who is reading this, ampun maaf for all my mistake. With this brand new age (yes yes, dah makin tua) I pray may Allah help me to become a better person/daughter/sister/(future) wife/friend etc inside out. Semoga bertambah amalan & iman. Amin ya rabbal alamin

26 days before the Wedding, may Allah ease

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