Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Of First & Second Day of Ramadhan & Wong Solo

Assalamualaikum & hi!

Today is 13th day of Ramadhan, Alhamdulillah. We're almost entering the second last phase of this sacred month & then come Raya. MasyaAllah, fow fast time flies!

This Ramadhan is quite special to me as for the first time, I'm celebrating it as a Mrs/wife, Alhamdulillah. Although A.H & I are still in LDR & he's in the state where they get to buka puasa a few minutes earlier than us here (every minute counts when it comes to buka puasa!), the thoughts that we will be celebrating Raya together (InsyaAllah) & go matchy-matchy excites me! :D

Had the opportunity to spend the first 3 days of Ramadhan with him in KL last week. Took the afternoon flight on Thursday (18/06/2015) right after attending a court matter in the morning & A.H came to fetch me at KLIA2 despite his eventful night call in the hospital & lack of sleep. Kesian dia. I could just travel via ERL to KL Sentral but he insisted to come all the way from HKL dengan muka yang sungguh obvious tidak cukup rest & tidur dan juga ya, belum mandi. Lols!

It's been a busy week that I finally had time to pack my stuff tonight. Biasa a few days tu dah plan dah nak pakai baju apa. Sorry Aban @azzamhafifi, bukan ku tak cintaaaa lagiiiii 🎶 but you know how busy I've been right right righttt?
Serunding daging RM28/500g dilupa jangan. Abah got it for a very special price sebab tokey kilang serunding tu kawan beliau. (Makcik Rahinah tu nama isteri beliau. Alhamdulillah, humble betul pakcik ni bagi chance Makcik Rahinah femes) Kalau tak, memang tak dapek la nak harga macam tu. Alhamdulillah, tqvm Abah 💕 #17june2015 Went to the airport straight from the court (tqvm Abah sebab hantar Sue! 💕) Hence, I am about 2 hours & a half early for my 12.05 pm flight. Nasib baik puasa, kalau tak mesti dah gi makan Kepci sambil fefeeling hispturrr! Tapi hispturrr ke makan Kepci? 🍗🍦 #18june2015

Our initial  plan was to have iftar at Restaurant Wong Solo Kg Bharu but it was closed on the first & second day of Ramadhan. Frust kita. Sampai ke Ampang branch kita pergi T_T (but not that semangat enough to go to Bangi & S.Alam branches) And since we were so berkobar-kobar to break our fast dengan Ayam Penyet Wong Solo, both of us sanggup share makan nasi goreng 1 bekas polisterine with air mineral only

Kununnya nak makan sikit-sikit dulu, later baru we feast our tummies makan banyak-banyak at Wong Solo. What to do tak ada rezeki. And since memang tak ada backup plan to have iftar elsewhere, ended up having only McD later

So much memory celebrating the first day of Ramadhan as a husband & wife. Tak pe. It's the company that matters anyway :') Alhamdulillah, dapat juga berbuka & sahur with A.H dengan penuh keserdehaan & tawaduk secara impromptu. Lols!

Nonetheless, the quest to have Ayam Penyet Wong Solo continued on the second day of Ramadhan but we decided to call the kedai first to kununnya nak reserve

Went to both Wong Solo Kg Baru & Ampang after bukak puasa yesterday but both of the kedai were closed! Imagine the frustration @azzamhafifi & I felt (Hallo! 2 Wong Solo die hard fans here! 😤) because sanggup bukak puasa 1st round mkn nasi goreng 1 bungkus share 2 org semata-mata nak makan banyak-banyak kat Wong Solo later! 
So, today we are trying our luck by trying to call both of the kedai but none picked up the phone. Sighhhh! So disappointed! I want to eat roti only later 😭 #19june2015
You know you're one loyal customer when you have your favourite restaurant's phone no. saved in your hp

I called them a few times but none picked up the phone i.e the kedai was closed too. Sigh! Hancur luluh hati kita

Will be going to KL again on Tuesday next week for a matter at KL Industrial Court, InsyaAllah & hopefully I'll have the rezeki to have Ayam Penyet Wong Solo for iftar (and kalau perlu kita tapau sekali for sahur)! Aminnnn

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