Thursday, 17 September 2015

Attending Our First Chinese Wedding

Assalamualaikum & hi!

My oh my! Where did I go for the past 8 days? Well, there's nothing new. Work at the office has been very crazy that there were times I felt like giving up. Lols!

Nonetheless, I just completed some important works last Tuesday, so I'm kinda giving myself some self reward by planning to do nothing today at the firm. Hehe! But behold, come next week & I'll be as kalut as lipas yang disembur Ridsect T_T

I've a lot to share but for now, this will do

A wedding invitation card came into our mail box on 06/09/2015 & it was from Dr. S.K who is A.H's old best friend when he went to one Chinese primary school in KL

Notice something not right about the address? Hehe! Nasib baik the Pos Malaysia guy got it delivered to our house despite the mistake

Both A.H & I; neither of us had the experience of attending any Chinese wedding before. I was quite clueless & the first thing that popped into my mind was "What should I/we wear?". I know Chineses love red & gold (thanks to some advertisements I saw on tv during Chinese New Year including that one where the guy brought his mat salleh girlfriend home for makan besar. Was it from KFC?) but I don't have many (and should I add, new?) red bajus that are glamorous enough for wedding

We were informed then that the wedding theme is red & white. Uh oh! 

A.H then told me that I should get a pair of new bajus just to match the theme. So supportive & understanding la my husband. Hehe! But naah. I'll just wear my previous baju raya & as for A.H, I've packed the shirt that he wore during our Engagement which coincidentally suit the theme & my baju. Or at least, I think so :P

A self created dilemma solved. Baju kenduri check!

Since the Wedding will be held on Saturday night & Sunday is a working day here in Kelate, it means that we have to apply for a leave. I'm still considered as a newbie at the Firm & I'm not supposed to apply/have any leave yet but the Boss is kind enough to let me have a day off. Teehee!

Leave approved! Alhamdulillah

Now, let's hope that they will provide an extra set of fork & spoon for me at the Reception. Or else it will leave me with no choice but to ask A.H to suap me. Me & chopsticks, we're still new in our merely-existing relationship. If you know what I mean

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