Sunday, 17 January 2016

Of Different Characters

My 2y3m old nephew, Umar Harith & my 2m5d old niece, Maryam Nur Safiyyah  

While Maryam was trying to nap, cheeky Umar was so busy playing pretend with the AC remote control, talking to his imaginary friend in a high pitched voice. Naughty Umar! Bisa dia ni haipp haippp! It's cute how kids can be both cute & memeningkan at the same time & yet you're kinda addicted to have them around

Umar & Maryam have different characters. While Umar is more friendly & cheeky, Maryam is more ladylike & manja. Well, maybe it's too early to tell but I honestly can't wait for Maryam to grow a bit older (but not too fast please?) so that we can have funnnn togetherrrr! i.e more wefies

For now, my bedroom has become their one stop centre (especially to Umar); play, sleep, watch Youtube videos, nap, sleep, have snack, watch Youtube videos & the cycle repeats, making this already busy professional bibik gets busier. Maybe I can add these 2 skills 'cleaning babies'/toddlers' poo on the carpet' & 'carry 20kg toddler like a pro' in my resume soon

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