Saturday, 9 April 2016

Abah Turns 69


My Abah has recently turned 69 years old, on 03/04 to be specific. Alhamdulillah

At 69, Abah's been blessed with good health, something we're very thankful for. He still has tenaga to berkebun in the afternoon & doing some household chores. He even still washes, jemur & irons his own clothes; a true budak hostel he is! Hehe!

For Abah's birthday last year, my Sister & I gave him a watch. We haven't really figured out his birthday present this year but we're planning to organize a BBQ party for him on the weekend. Still haven't set the date because everyone's busy even on the weekends but InsyaAllah, soon.

I pray may Allah swt keep blessing Abah with good health, happiness & protection from evil or anything harmful. May he keep being showered with His love & Rahma, not only in this world but also in the Hereafter. And last but not least, may Allah swt reunite all 6 of us again in Jannah. Amin ya rabbal alamin 

Tqvm Abah for all your love, sacrifice, guidance & trust in me. I may not be the epitome of anak solehah Gred AAAAA (Lols!) but I pray may Allah swt ease my affairs & help me in making him happy & proud of me. Aminn! 

Happy 69th birthday Abah! Sue love you!

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