Monday, 25 April 2016


Assalamualaikum & hallo!

I'm now all alone at the office. Had an early lunch with my former classmate, Nicky (who was in the town for a court matter) before sending her off at the airport. Feels good to meet & spend some times with her, a nice & genuine girl who I've known since my first year at the Law School. She's doing great, working at one of biggest firms in Malaysia & is getting married in December, insyaAllah. So happy for her! 

On another note, work is good. As mentioned in the previous post, I'm doing conveyancing now. No more going to the court, donning in black & white. Rindu the adrenaline rush nervous nak appear before the Judge or Junior/Senior Registrars but after ingat-ingat balik, tak pelah. Lemme just enjoy dulu bertapa kat firm. Doing conveyancing isn't that bad except that I'm a bit slow at typing I think. Typo is unavoidable sometimes. Lols! And I wish that I had more time to update this space but it's not easy to blog at the office especially when your room is separated with your boss' room with a glass wall. Lols!

Anddddd... my 2y6m nephew, Umar conquers my laptop at home like there's no tomorrow. He's been watching too much nursery rhymes on Youtube that they've also become our lullabies as well -.-' Tapi tak pe lah, at least he's catching up & learning a lot of new words/vocabs every day which is impressive. He knows the difference between ship & yacht, something which 2y6m Suria didn't get to learn 26 years ago #tua #indenial

Marriage life; A.H is doing fine except that he's not been in a jovial mood these days sebab hp rosak cannot receive & make calls & only can connect to internet when there's wifi. Pity guy. Malam ni kita beli hp baru, alright? 

Post tak ade gambar sebab internet slow. Misi nak login to Instagram website pun tak tercapai lagi ni
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