Friday, 10 June 2016

A Cheap DIY Wall Decor Project

Assalamualaikum & hallo! Ramadhan kareem day 5!

My room at the Firm I'm working at now is definitely bigger than the one I had at the previous Firm. I always wanted my own room with a big window glass where I can get enough supply of sunshine/sunlight & I can see the clear blue sky. Oh, and also with calming view!

 A minimal white workspace from New Zealand
 Image taken from @workspacegoals

 A beautiful studio in Norway. Major love!
 Image taken from @workspacegoals

As always, Allah swt ArRahman ArRahim has always been so generous & He has answered my duas. Albeit without no sight of big trees except the home landscape rumah Dato' across the road depan office still, this is way better than being stuck in a narrow room without no view kan? Alhamdulillah. I love the natural sunlight so much that I purposely don't switch on the light in my room. I mean who needs the bulb light when I can get to enjoy the natural light foc like this


And as usual, I'll constantly keep changing the arrangement of things around me, be it the arrangement of the furniture in the bedroom or the bendo-bendo cerotek aka the decor on my table at the office. Nak buat major furniture arrangement at the office macam melampau sangat kan dah la separated dengan bilik boss by a glass window jah kehkehkeh but sis buat la sedaya yang termampu.

12/04/2016. Day 7 at the new Firm. 


If you haven't noticed, the wall is yellow & grey painted. Hence, the reason why I've been trying to be minimal as possible with the decor sebab this is yellow dude. Yellow + white = yes, but yellow + pink = non non!

Anyhow, after about 2 months & a half, I think I can't stand any longer seeing the wall is left untouched & undecorated. Ingat nak bawak Ikea wall mirror yang kerawang-kerawang tu that I have one at home but macam over sangat kan tetibe nak drill dinding office bagai. 

So, I opted for this cheap DIY wall decor project which involved:
  • A4 paper
  • Printable images downloaded from chicfetti
  • Black sellotape
  • Scissors
  • And a bit of creativity + passion. Gitteww!


09/06/2015. The incomplete cheap DIY wall decor project

A bit senget la sellotape tu & kertas pun dah kerenyuk-kerenyuk here & there hmmmmm but senget & kerenyuk-kerenyuk are a kind of art alright? It's nothing much pun actually but ok lah daripada tak ada. Been planning to add another one with ALLAH MUHAMMAD or BISMILLAH or AYATUL KURSI but I haven't found the nicest downloadable & free one(s) online

Sekian. Ramadhan kareem once again & may Allah swt accept our deeds & ibadah. Amin ya rabbal alamin
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