Sunday, 5 June 2016


Assalamualaikum & hi!

Yesterday was such a productive Saturday. Not because we had another day off on Sunday but also because I was one of the Bridesmaids for my friend, Alia's reception *throws pink white & gold confetti whilst twirling like a ballerina*

Her akad nikah was held on Friday, 03/06/2016 but I had a family bbq at home, so I had to skip it. But for the Reception yesterday afternoon, I was among the earliest to arrive. Tqvm A.H for the company. Kesian dia tunggu lama. Dah la tak ada kawan, pahtu wife dia busy betul jadi bridesmaid. Lols! #siskomited

Prior to the Wedding, I received this parcel which contained garment to be worn during the Reception.
Took me a week to finally unwrap it because so sayang lah

 Bridesmaid on duty for #nikkonizam's second Reception

My second time here at Alia's house but it still got me jakun because look at it! It's hugeeee!

Beautiful dais from Nurza Wedding House, the same wedding planner I had had for my Wedding

Let me present you, the beautiful Bride!
Baju tema Frozen sangat kan? Hehe!

Credit to the photographer,

Ya enough with the Bridesmaids' photos. I think I'm the only married woman kot sebab yang lain tu macam single je lagi & of course, younger than me. Sis redha. Bak kata pepatah, with age, comes wrinkles & double chins

Oh btw, Alia's house is so beautiful that I had to shamelessly pose around fefeeling Raya photoshoot. Of course with A.H as my partner

This is my favourite one! Maka haruslah jadi hp wallpaper
Mengapakah sis kelihatan gemuk ye dalam gambar walhal berat sis 45kg je. It must be the cembung pipis I have T_T


To Alia,
Enjoy being a Mrs! I make it short & simple sebab dah selalu bagi tazkiroh dalam Whatsapp group kan? :P

2013 & 2016. Well, some things remain unchanged :')

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