Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Ramadhan Kareem Day 9

Assalamualaikum & ramadhan kareem day 9!

Our Firm's working hours during Ramadhan
We love our Boss for being so generous & memahami golongan wanita yang bekerjaya who need to be home early. Thank you Encik D!

 09/06/2016. YamYam with her favourite Papa Su
A.H took a 3-day leave & went back to his hometown to puasa with his Family. Due to work commitment (I'm still on the probation period at the Firm, hence don't think it's appropriate to take leave yet), I didn't tag along & oh manggg, sunyinya puasa without him. The photos above were taken on the Thursday morning before he left for KL

Dari sudut pandangan kasut sebelah kanan sis. Lols! Looking so serious whilst driving home from work akibat panggilan tilam yang maha kuat

While others were having Iftar, my 7 month-old niece, Maryam had to sit on her rocker & watch nursery rhymes on Youtube like a Lady Boss. Lols! Just look at that cute innocent face! Haih! Geramlah YamYam ni!

Papa Su being a professional bibik to Abam Umar & YamYam. Lols! 

 13/06/2016. AEON Mall Kota Bharu
Love the concept & decor. Bak kata A.H, "Cantik ni kalau buat kat rumah". That guy's imagination, kemainn. Fuhh!

13/06/2016. Char Kuew Tiau Timur, Kubang Kerian
A.H had a dream a few days ago about char kuew tiau (Lols! Random gile mimpi pasal food) which eventually led to eating at this one kedai near our house yang char kuew tiau dia sedappp! Pahtu, ada tea beng madu pulak tu. According to him, the best char kuew tiau that he ever tasted was from this one cafe in Auckland. Nasib baik Husband kite ni bukan yang jenis yang mengidam terukkan? Don't worry guys, he isn't pregnant :P

Here are some of A.H & yours trully's fun facts about Ramadhan. Wahh, retis pun bukan semua ada peluang masuk majalah Mangga dengan heading sebegini tahu? Tajuk fun facts pulak tu. Huh!
  • This is the 2nd time A.H & yours truly celebrating Ramadhan together after the first one in July last year. Alhamdulillah
  • A.H doesn't eat nasik for Sahur. He only has Gardenia bread yang RM0.80 sebungkus tu + dates + mineral water then off he goes back to sleep. While yours truly usually have cereal + fresh milk or warm milo + Jacob's weetameal crackers. Kalau makan nasik pun, kena make sure ade sambal yang kaw-kaw pedasnya. As for the Parents, wajib nasik
  •  We don't like to go to bazar ramadhonnn. I only singgah bazar ramadhan or gerai-gerai on my way home only if I had to buy something. Tu pun baru sekali
  • We haven't decided on the Raya theme colour. Thinking of pale yellow or pale pink + white
  • Dah nama pun belum decide on theme colour, baju Raya pun haruslah belum ada
  • We'll be celebrating Raya at A.H's paternal kampung this year yakniiiiiiii... Pantai Tanjung Puteri, Melaka! Alamak, Melaka accent kite belum benau-benau polished ni. The last time I went there, I had some difficulties to understand what the makcik-makcik were talking about. Stress benau kite (couldn't think of another perkataan Melaka other than benau. Nampak tak betapa teruk benau penguasaan bahasau Melaka kite?)
Malah doh ehh nak sambung. To be continued whenever I'm rajin. Lols! I'm actually waiting for A.H who had a locum slot tonight. Lepas ni baru nak terawikh together. Ya, at 10.48 pm pun masih belum terawikh & people keep wondering why I've eye bags T_T

Ramadhan kareem once again, everyone! Prophet Muhammad saw said, "The dua of the fasting person is answered" (Sahih al-Bukhari)

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