Saturday, 30 July 2016



Assalamualaikum & hi!

I'm a photo hoarder; I take a lot of photos & I always feel so sayang to delete them which eventually makes my storage space run low. And it couldn't help that I'm so obsessed with my 2y9m old nephew & 8 month old niece, Umar & Maryam that kalau boleh, semua benda that they do I want to snap! Umar sings; snapped! Umar reads ABC; snapped! Maryam claps her hands; snapped! Umar & Maryam play together; snapped! etc.

I mean, just look at this!

Auwww! YamYam covered with Papa Su's smelly blanket ye? How cute! :P

It's safe to say that 70% of the photos stored in my Ip are all Umar's & Maryam's #obsessedaunty. Another 20% are A.H's & my Family. The rest are the photos of food, printscreens of inspirational quotes I found on IG etc. Selfies? Nope, I rarely took selfies just because I'm not that pretty & confident. Only confident people take a lot of selfies & upload them on social media okayyy? Please don't lie

Maybe it's time for me to save up more seriously & get myself a new Ip with bigger storage? But Ip 6 is too big for my small hands, even 6s is still big enough for me. SE? Nahh, I better stick to my Ip5s I think

Transferring the photos to my laptop is not a great idea. Judging from the condition of my laptop; sorry Laptop but I don't trust you. Lols! It used to be in a tip-top condition once upon a time ago but since Umar was introduced to Youtube, it's been aging faster than it should be! My heart skipped a beat a few time when I saw him bent the screen backward almost touching the floor. And when he slammed the keyboard out of frustration just because his favourite Youtube videos took time to play & no matter how many times I told him wifi slow la sebab tu la lambat play, he just didn't get it T_T

And Maryam also has shown interest on Laptop too. A few days ago, she crawled onto the keyboard and hit the screen. What's wrong with my nephew & niece? Do they secretly want to let my Laptop rosak ke apeni? T_T

As for now, I'm from time to time uploading the photos in my Ip to my Instagram account. I'm kinda having an instarrhoea there but I can't help it. I used to transfer them to Google Photos but it's more convenient to upload them on IG because I can share the photos with other as well, especially my Sister & A.H sebab kan dah cakap kat atas tu 70% of the photos stored tu gambar Abam Umar & Maryam je. 

Fuhh! Am I really an obsessed aunty huh? But the kids will definitely thank me later for being their walking arkib. They better be

09/07/2016. The fourth day of Raya
The only descent photo of A.H, me, Umar & Maryam

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