Saturday, 6 August 2016

A Short Trip To Kuala Terengganu

Assalamualaikum & hallo!

A.H & I had a short trip to Kuala Terengganu yesterday, 05/08/2016. Left the house at 6.25 a.m & reached there 2 hours later. It was not a jalan-jalan trip per se as the main reason why we were there was to meet A.H's friends to discuss a few things. The trip was all about A.H actually but I was dragged by him as a teman & as a reward for being his co-pilot (who slept on half of the journey go & fro. Dasar sleepyhead), we got to jalan-jalan later on. WoOhoO!

It was our 3rd time there as a H&W, after the 1st & 2nd ones last year when I had hearings at Setiu Magistrate Court. So, no trip to Muzium Terengganu this time as we had enough of it last time. Lols! #skemacouple #butwelovehistory

Bumped into my friend, Raudah at Pasar Payang. Of all other places, pasar jugak kan nak terjumpa? Mana nak cari si gadis manis semanis beliau yang pada pagi Jumaat dah keluar beli barang dapur kat Pasar Payang untuk masak lunch? Tell me nawww mana nak cari? #calonmenantudisukairamai

Had to cancel our plan for food hunting & had A&W take away instead. Since it was Friday, most of the shops & restaurants close at 12.30 pm for Friday prayer

Nonetheless, the trip to Terengganu won't be complete without visiting its beach. In our case, 2 beaches (Pantai Batu Buruk, Kuala Terengganu & Pantai Bukit Keluang, Besut) just because I couldn't get enough of visiting only 1 beach!

My Mother told me that when I was little, I would throw tantrum & cried if we didn't stop whenever we were passing by the beaches. Fuhh! Nampaknya sedari kecil lagi sudah tertanam perasaan sukakan pantai
Beautiful Pantai Bukit Keluang, Besut

*flips tudung*

After like 20 attempts of wefies because it was so hot plus silau & my shawl decided to go kembang in all directions. Thank you A.H for always being patient with me, posing for the camera & effortlessly looks more natural than me in the photos -.-'.

Reached home at 4 p.m & we only brought home keropok keping je as buah tangan. Lols! Sama je pung souvenir deknun & sini. Next trip will be this Thursday yakni balik kampung A.H. Please say hi if you see me (acting like a tourist) & A.H (acting like a tourist guide) at Jalan Tar & Sogo this coming Friday. Hehe!

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