Saturday, 24 September 2016

Hallo 'Kak Ros' & Bye-bye 'Merah Ang-ang'

Assalamualaikum & hi!

It's 12.59 a.m & here I am updating this blog, by using *coughs* our new laptop

A.H & I are not the type of people who would buy things when we feel like to. We only buy thing(s) when it's necessary, like when my old 4 year 5 month old Lenovo laptop (until its final breath, it hasn't got a proper name yet although I had considered calling it 'Cik Merah Ang-ang') decided to betray me 3 days ago (and made my all precious photos that I've been keeping since 2000 gone *weeps*) & we currently have some Korea dramas that we follow/watch online.

Tergendala aktiviti kami suami isteri menonton Korean dramas for 3 days. Lols!

Couldn't afford yet to buy a Macbook, especially when our nephew, Umar likes to hijack our laptop to watch his fav videos on YouTube pahtu bila internet slow sikit dia suka mengkaki-kan monitor. Oh the horror! So, no Macbook la for now, not until Umar is mumayyiz enough to appreciate things.

Kids nowadays are so advanced. Kecik-kecik dah pandai request nak tengok itu & ini, swipe here & there. Even my 10 month old niece, Maryam has her own Fisher & Price laptop! (although its functions are rather limited. No internet browser :P)

M: Your time is up, bro! Turn kita pulak!

Oh, btw here is what we bought;
Asus A456U

I might be the last person you would consult before you buy a laptop because I'm hapless like that. So, it was A.H who did all the readings on the reviews, market price etc (thank you, Baby!). I just nodded at everything the salesperson said despite only understood like 30% of it. Oh, I remember! I did contribute something! Both A.H & I had a mutual agree on the colour of the laptop that we wanted! #refusedtobecalledabimbo

On our way home, I asked A.H what we shall call this new laptop of ours. His reply was "Kak Ros sebab Umar suka Kak Ros (Upin Ipin's sister)" -.-' 

And that's the reason why he calls his car "Qu Puteh" because of its white colour & masa tu Que Puteh & Dato' Vida tengah famous #menslogic #menaresimple

P/s: We are currently watching 'Bring It On, Ghost' Episode 15 on
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