Thursday, 9 March 2017

Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary 💍

 21/02/2017, Tuesday. 25w4d

2 years ago on this date, A.H & I tied a knot after 13 months of knowing each other 💍

You may want to read about how we met here:-

We are definitely not an epitome of a perfect couple you've seen or read from any cheesy love story. We're not perfect but our imperfection perfects each other in so many ways & I'm so glad that our relationship as a Husband & Wife is so relax that we are like best friends & are so open to each other

I know A.H reads my blog, so here goes my Love Letter to him (walaupun dah publish kat IG dah pung. Lols! Ni edited & long version punya)

Dear A.H, my beloved Husband

Tqvm Love for everything you've done & sacrificed for the past 2 amazing & wonderful years. It feels like just yesterday when I had your first hallo on my Fb Messenger on 11/01/2014. Our marriage has been filled with some ups & downs but Alhamdulillah, we've made it through. I've to admit that you're definitely cooler than me in tackling many things & problems that we had faced together & I'm thankful for that. Can't imagine us being gelabah over the same thing because that would be uncool man! 

However, my lawyer-ing skill does come handy in some situations *ahem*

I always told you (although not directly) of how proud I am for having you as my Husband. You're not only my spouse but also my Imam, best friend, joker, personal doctor, financial advisor, biggest critic, counselor but also kawan jalan-jalan & makan. Despite your busy work schedule & being zonked out, you're always there to cheer me up & make me feel loved & appreciated. Not a day passed by without me laugh at your jokes & antics. You can hear even my quietest cry & always know how to calm me down & make me feel so much better. I know I can be hard at times especially with these pregnancy hormones around but you never made me feel ignored or raised your voice at me

I shall thank Mak for raising up such a good son. She's done a good job! Hehe! Eh Ayah pun ada share jugak. I know you're forever Mak's favourite son & I know you've missed her so much since you moved to K.Bharu a year & a half ago. Sebab tu malam-malam tido guna selimut yang Mak jahit when you were in kindergarten tu kan? Sorry Baby! Don't worry, I won't sorok your purple selimut busuk walaupun rasa gerammmm je nak sorok. Lols!

As I'm entering my 3rd trimester tomorrow, we're almost there to become Parents. InsyaAllah. I''ve seen how you treat my nephew & niece; the love is genuine & the kids love you too so much. No doubt that you'll be a good parent to our child(ren), probably cooler than me. Please don't love me less when our child is born because Little I & I; each of us are special in our own ways T_T


I pray may Allah swt grant you your desired dreams & success in this world & jannah in the Hereafter for all your kindness & efforts in making me a happy Wife. May He ease our parenting affairs (OMG lagi 12 weeks nak deliver OMG!), give you the best of health & may our love last till jannah. Amin ya rabbal alamin. 

Speaking of jannah, I want to be your wife in jannah too please? Nobody can share my A.H with me! Only me! T_T

Looking forward for more wedding anniversaries & other happy things to celebrate with you, Baby! InsyaAllah

Oh btw, what did we do on our 2nd anniversary? Nothing much, just took flights KB - KL - KB within 33 hours as A.H had a job interview at one of the IPTAs as the medical officer. He did great on the 1st stage of the interview, was shortlisted for the 2nd one but unfortunately had to decline due to his JPA bond. Kesian A.H. Tak ape lah. InsyaAllah ada rezeki lain 

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