Saturday, 15 April 2017

33 Weeks Of Pregnancy

Alhamdulillah, I'm in my 33th week of pregnancy this week. 7 weeks left to go? Or probably less? Allahuahlam

I remember the day when I read my pregnancy book where they have the pregnancy journey/progress colourfully illustrated & I looked in utter disbelief at how long the journey will be until I reach my 3rd trimester. But now I'm already in my 3rd trimester, 8th month to be precise & oh my Allah, I don't know whether I'm mentally & physically ready to be a mom!

The hospital bags (both mine & for our child) aren't ready yet, we haven't washed the clothes, we still have some stuff that we haven't bought (yesterday the Mother asked me whether I've bought the bekung to be worn during my confinement. Blurr daku kejap, thought that it's for the baby. Erkk!), the confinement room is 80% completed, I haven't started any exercise (that would help me ease my labour) & the list goes on

Shall we feel panicked? Sebab tak boleh nak expect kan bila bersalin

Nonetheless, please continue growing up well, healthy & strong our Little I / Little Miss Sunshine 💕 We can go through these remaining weeks together! Sikit je lagi! InsyaAllah!

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