Saturday, 24 June 2017

Our Iman Soraya ♥

19/06/2017. Monday . 6 days old
Our Iman Soraya with her 3D ultrasound photos when she was 28 weeks

The meaning of Iman Soraya;

Iman - إيمان   
Meaning: Faith, belief

Soraya - سوريا  
Meaning: Beautiful, gem, jewel (It is of Persian & Arabic origin)

Prior to the arrival of our Daughter, both A.H & I had a mutual agree that our Daughter's name must be simple, sweet & it of course carries good & beautiful meaning(s). I've always liked the name 'Iman' & we've been calling our Daughter by that name as soon as we found out that I was expecting at 10 weeks

Well, I never told this to anyone but I chose the name 'Iman' as a tribute to my Abah who was working as a Tuan Imam for almost 20 years before he retired in 2010. I had witnessed how dedicated my Abah was in fulfilling his job & tasks; not only as a Tuan Imam but also as Tuan Kadhi as well & I'm kinda grew up with the title 'Anak Tok Imam / Tok Imey (in Kelantanese dialect)'

Oh, there's another story behind the name 'Iman'

A.H & I had been married for 1 year & 8 months before we found that there's a little Bun in the oven. Whilst others were blessed with a child earlier than us, A.H & I were cool about it. Of course we did receive questions like "Bila nak ada baby?" but yeah, we tried to be cool with it & the least that we could answer to feed their curiosity was "Tak ada rezeki lagi. Tolong doakan lah". Hehe! While on the same time, both of us tried to remain positive & believed that Allah swt akan bagi rezeki when the right time comes. Just have faith in Him as He is the best Planner of all. So yes, our Iman Soraya is our personal epitome of us having faith in Allah & His Plan

How about 'Soraya'?

Both A.H & I came out with a list of names that we like & apparently, both of us like the name 'Soraya'. Needless to say, I was the one who came out with the name *winks* & Alhamdulillah, not only A.H likes the name but also both my Family & his

We pray may our Iman Soraya live up to her name, grow up well, healthy, pious & be the coolness of everyone's eyes. Amin ya rabbal alamin

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