Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Salaam & hallo, lovely people. Thank you for dropping by! :D

So, why new blog?

This is just another chapter of my life; written by the same author but with a mild injection of difference on how I see life in my point of view. I'd been thinking about creating a new blog since I turned a year older a few days ago but started considering it seriously when I can't view my own blog caused by the mean viruses {I think?}. I'm so sorry for any inconvenience arouse, my bad -.-' 

Tempat jauh lagi dikenang inikan pula tempat berblog semenjak 2007 :'(

Being a person who can't life without her blog {wow! I've nothing better to do obviously} & after taking into accounts pros & cons, a new blog is the utmost solution. Starting fresh never felt this great, I feel so fresh (?) & kind of excited too! Plus, the new url, http://soleil-m.blogspot.com sounds simpler compared to the old http://je-suis-soleil.blogspot.com which I may add, sounds like an alien language to some. Hehe!

Btw, 'soleil' means 'sun' in French; a nickname given by my French teacher, Monsieur Rahim when I was 13 :)

Hopefully, the plots & story line will be more zealous & less complicated this time, InsyaAllah. Here to the beginning of my another chapter! 


ila ni said...

omaii! kenapa layout sokmo comel2? grr.. bertukar2 everyday pulok ko hok ni?

soleil_m said...

layout hok blogger wi jah ni k'ila. hehe!

everyday tukar? aloh, pls la don't say like that. napok mace xdok kijo sgt sy ni. hehe :')

ihsan_huhu said...

ok. bile tarikh kenduri kawen nyer?

soleil_m said...

kawen ape nyeee? grr!

ko tu, jd x kwen dgn gadis mek saleh hr tu?

wiwie s. said...

woot woot..
saya dtg sini.. =p

Shy said...

Just bookmarked your new page! Am looking forward to the changes that you intended to make for this blog =) Hope you have a great holiday over there! See ya around.

soleil_m said...

woot woot back! <3

auww! so kind of u! tqvm!
i've been thinking about d changes i'm about to make but nothing extraordinary came into my sight yet :/

Zatil Aqmar said...

aah no wonder I remember your blog's template was different. viruses ARE MEAN, I can't imagine what I'd do if mine was virus-ed -__-

I admire your passion for blogging. (I can't live without my blog too) here's to a new chapter! :)

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